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Apple Promotion Board of Maryland

ApplesThe Maryland Apple Promotion Board (MAPB) was created by Maryland orchardists to educate consumers and promote the use of locally grown apples. All monies contributed by growers are used to provide essential information to the general public. The preparation of recipe booklets and pamplets regarding the nutritional value of apples are only two of dozens of ways that the MAPB serves both the consumers and growers. While consumption of Maryland apples increases profits for growers, consumers benefit from having a good supply of fresh, high quality, local apples available at reasonable prices.

Apple orchards are located in most areas of the state with a concentration of orchards in Washington, Frederick and adjoining counties. Views from these orchards can be breathtaking and memorable. Many apple growers offer their product in an orchard area or adjacent roadside stand. Often you are able to purchase cider and other autumn produce. A trip into the country to get apples directly from an orchard or roadside market makes for a great family outing.
Please buy apples from your local Maryland orchardist or look for fruit bearing the Maryland’s Best logo in your supermarket.
Regardless of the orchard visited, you will find great tasting apples that were grown with the best of care by a Maryland farmer.

Maryland Apple Promotion Board
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